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Office Campfire provides online team building events through fun and strategic, multi-team and multiplayer games designed to bring teams together. It also includes an inbuilt video and audio chat feature!

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Market Madness
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Market Madness

It is a demand and supply game based on game theory, which will challenge teams to creative thinking, risk taking and communication.

In this game, each team is a team of farmers who invests in the production of their crops. The game is about anticipating how much other teams would produce, and accordingly deciding your investment for your production, in order to maximize your cash. There are various factors which impact this decision, like the amount of money in the market to buy the production, weather, economy, foreign production etc.

The game has multiple rounds and lasts around 35-40 mins.

Ice Breakers
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Ice Breakers

These are simple games, played at the start of the event, for breaking the ice within a team, so that the team members would know about each other personally.

The games include ice breakers like sharing personal fun facts, amusing work related memories, random general questions etc. These games create personal connections within the team, and help them to be more empathetic with each other.

These are short games and last around 5-10 mins.

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